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Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in 'Announcement' started by General, Jun 8, 2017.

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  1. General

    General Global Schoolers Staff Member Moderator

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    For users that are not yet familiar with functions of Schooling Community, These frequently asked questions below will give you a clear understanding.

    1. What's the full meaning of SC, FP, FT?
    In our community, SC = Community, FP = Front Page or Featured Portal, FT = Featured Thread(s).

    2. How can I feature my Post on the Front Page (FP)?
    This is simple, just follow the details on this page. Click Here.

    3. What is Watching of Thread or Forum?
    To Watch a Thread/Forum means to Subscribe to it. If you are Watching a Thread or Forum, you will be receiving Email and Alert notification once there is a new Post in that Forum or Thread.

    More will be updated soon.
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