UNILAG Postgraduate Students Registration Guidelines & Requirements – 2016/17

University of Lagos, UNILAG postgraduate students registration procedure and requirements for newly admitted student for the 2016/2017 academic session. Candidate are to follow the below information. 

Unilag postgraduate admission list


Following the release of UNILAG Postgraduate admission list. The management of University of Lagos (UNILAG) has released the registration guidelines for all newly admitted postgraduate students of the institution for the 2016/2017 academic session.


1. Visit Postgraduate School Website (www.unilagspgs.edu.ng) 2016/2017 admission.

2. Click on ‘current students’ link and update Biodata and change your password

3. Print Pay advice, Biodata, Acceptance Letter and Admission Letter

4. Take the Pay advice to designated banks for payment

5. Get the courses for First Semester from the Department

6. Go online to register the courses and submit it online afterward

7. Print four (4) copies of Course Form

8. The course forms need to be signed by the candidate, Head of Department, Bursar and School of Postgraduate Studies in that order.

9. Come to School of Postgraduate Studies and pick Prospectus for a fee #5,000 (Compulsory).

10. Proceed to Multipurpose Hall C for Screening. The School of Postgraduate Studies is the final stage of the registration process.

11.Students must pay both Obligatory and Tuition fees before they can register

12. Instalment payment is only for Part-Time students. Full Time Students cannot apply for instalment payment.


1 Biodata Form 4 COPIES
2 Course Form 4 COPIES
3 Admission Letter 4 COPIES
4 Acceptance Letter 4 COPIES
5 First degree certificate (Not statement of result)   or 4 COPIES
  Transcript (unsealed transcript is unacceptable)  
6 NYSC discharge certificate or exemption certificate 4 COPIES
7 Marriage certificate (Married women) 4 COPIES
8 Tellers (online receipts) 4 COPIES
9 Receipt for prospectus 4 COPIES

NOTE: Please ensure that the documents in nos. 1-9 are arranged in the following format:

Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4
Biodata Biodata Biodata Biodata
Course Form Course Form Course Form     Admission Course Form
Admission Letter Admission Letter Letter Acceptance Letter Admission Letter
Acceptance Letter Acceptance Letter First degree certificate (Not Acceptance Letter
First degree certificate First degree certificate statement of result) or First degree certificate
(Not statement of (Not statement of Transcript (unsealed (Not statement of
result) or Transcript result) or Transcript transcript is unacceptable) result) or Transcript
(unsealed transcript is (unsealed transcript is NYSC discharge certificate (unsealed transcript is
unacceptable) unacceptable) or exemption certificate unacceptable)
NYSC discharge NYSC discharge Marriage certificate NYSC discharge
certificate or exemption certificate or exemption (Married women) certificate or exemption
certificate certificate Tellers (online receipts) certificate
Marriage certificate Marriage certificate Receipt for prospectus Marriage certificate
(Married women) (Married women)   (Married women)
Tellers (online receipts) Tellers (online receipts)   Tellers (online receipts)
Receipt for prospectus Receipt for prospectus   Receipt for prospectus

NOTE: All new students MUST provide their original credentials for sighting at the point of screening and all documents MUST be in coloured form. The School of Postgraduate is the final stage of the registration process. Payment of school fees should be done at the designated banks.

In some exceptional cases, statement of result may be accepted.

Venue: Multipurpose Hall C

Time: 9am – 3pm daily (Monday – Friday)

Commencement: Tuesday 3rd January, 2017

Duration: Four (4) weeks

Students should channel their complaints and enquiries to spgs@unilagspgs.edu.ng or ict@unilagspgs.edu.ng or call 01-2930330

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